El-Kamal co. for Textile Industry and Trade has been founded by Mr. Ahmed Kamal Abd El-Rahman in 1950. The factory was established in the industrial zone of Shubra El-Kheima one of the famous industrial textile zones. The factory started with textile semi-automatic looms. In 1962 El-Kamal co. was saved from “El taameem” by Gamal Abdel Nasser as it was considered a factory of the 23rd of July revolution generation, but it was obliged to give its production to the governmental department as a deal to be provided with the raw materials from the government. During that time most of our production was exported to the Soviet Union according to the deal between Egypt and the Soviet Union. By 1962 after hard negotiation El-Kamal co. was able to buy newly automatic looms after a long process of licensing as there were a lot of restrictions in importing through that time and economic conditions were bad. These bad economic conditions continued till 1972 during that time El-Kamal co. was forced to downsize the number of employees as well as some looms because of the war. After the 6th of October war and the strategic political change (opening the free zone in Port Said) El-Kamal co. has undergone a huge renovation and replaced the old looms with a newly automatic looms. In 1980 there were a new management system by Mr. Gamal Ahmed Kamal and by 1985 El-Kamal co. had another renovation and bought computerized looms which enabled the factory to increase its production capacity as the function of one new loom can substitute the output of 15 old looms in addition to being computerized the loom did not require good skilled employees. By 1989 El-Kamal co. has decided to focus on only producing high quality fine cotton shirting fabrics, and due to that all the old looms were replaced by high quality automated looms and the factory began to provide the market with high quality cotton fabrics, and the factory was able to produce high widths of fabrics that reach 150 cm. finished Thus the factory was able to target high quality customers. In 2007 a new factory in “10th of Ramadan” city was established in full capacity with highly technological advanced looms.

El-Kamal co. produces shirting fabrics with 100% Egyptian cotton from classic to city wear fashion fabrics with a yarn dyed fine yarns starting from 50 singles to 140 doubles. They are maintained a good reputation between its customers because they have mainly been thought of as good quality products, diverse designs and high textile durability. As time passes El-Kamal co. market share has increased due to developing creative ideas as well as their level of exporting, so they became well known domestically and globally. El-Kamal co. considers the competitive stance an essential indicator as it gives information about the current market situation in relation to a new product. As we constantly need to decide how to place ourselves and our product between competitors in order to reach our predefined goal we should continuously update our competitive stance to be able to form our competitive strategy. El-Kamal co. fabrics are considered of a high quality so it attracts a lot of customers than our competitors. They highly value customer loyalty not only in the behavior of repeated purchase but also in its great reward of a good favorable word of mouth and publicity regarding the product thus adding more number to their loyal customers. In regard of our business, the high competition and the volatility of the market they have to not only satisfy their customers, but delight them as well to increase the loyalty and word of mouth level.


    El-Kamal co. is not just a textile mill it is a cultural inspired by their consumers. They are providing their customers with superior quality, ultimate satisfaction, and a good service. They heavily relay on their knowledgeable professional staff that help, inspire and develop their concept.


    El-Kamal co. fundamentally seeks to be their customer’s preferred and main supplier and through enhancing their products, services and relationships.

Two collections annually are developed by more than one designer in Italy as we believe that Italy is the place where fashion and design come from. We are focusing on increasing and updating our collection every season, and ensuring that it serves the taste of various markets.

Address 58 Area B4,
10th of Ramadan, Cairo, Egypt

Name :   Ahmed Gamal(Owner)
Telephone. // (+2) 01005008186
E-Mail //Agamal@elkamalfortex.com

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